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Coil Cleaning

Doc's Super Vac for all of your coil cleaning needs.

oils trap dust, soil, grime and other deposits which act as a blanket to reduce the heat/cooling transfer efficiency and restrict airflow. This buildup interferes with proper system operation since air can’t pass through the coil properly which reduces efficiency and shortens system life.


Both sides of the coil are cleaned using a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arresting) vacuum to remove any large surface debris.

A need-specific coil cleaner is applied to both sides of the coil bank and is allowed to penetrate for the recommended amount of time. The cleaner foams and brings debris caught in the fins to the surface.

The coil is rinsed to remove the cleaner and any remaining debris. Special care is taken to prevent damage to the soft metal of the coil fins.

Improper Cleaning Causes Damage

Damaged coils restrict airflow and decrease efficiency.


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